Bitcoin Mining Pools

Mining Bitcoin is a costly pursuit. It requires a powerful computer system or mining rig and a lot of reliable power supply. But the emergence of Bitcoin mining pools has changed the landscape. Bitcoin mining pools have enabled just about anyone to mine Bitcoins cost-effectively. Today, there are tons of Bitcoin mining pools that help new and experienced Bitcoin miners to acquire Bitcoins cost-effectively. This post highlights the best Bitcoin mining pools out there:

Bitcoin Mining pool # 1: BTC.COM

If you’re looking for a public mining poll to join, is an excellent choice. It’s a Bitcoin mining pool operated by Bitmain. If you join this mining pool, you’ll pay a fee of just 1.5%. You are paid via a PPS system. The mining pool shares the transaction fees with miners. It’s a great miner monitoring software with timely and steady payouts.

Bitcoin Mining pool # 2: AntPool

This is one of the best mining pools situated in China. It’s owned and run by BitMain. The mining pool is credited for mining about 25% of all blocks. Once you’ve signed up, the pool provides you numerous ways to mine Bitcoin. You can go it alone with your hardware, or mine as a pool and get a share of the profits. The Bitcoin mining pool has severed all over the world, which means you won’t get a lot of stale shares. When you become a member, you’re given a set of instructions on how to mine in the pool. They also have a forum to discuss all things related to Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin Mining pool # 3: BTCC

BTCC is the largest and oldest Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining pools in China. However, the mining pool left China in 2007, but its sister exchanges, USD exchange, and BTCC DAX still operate in China. BTCC has a great track record regarding security; enable mining in large-scale, supports different payment systems like Bank transfer, credit card, PayPal and more. It also offers competitive fees and low withdrawal fees.

Bitcoin Mining pool # 4: F2pool

This Bitcoin mining pool is also known as DiscussFish. It’s situated in China. It boats of having mined approximately 5-6% of all blocks over the previous six months.


Joining a mining pool is the most cost-effective way to mine Bitcoins. Mining Bitcoin yourself may not make sense because the hardware and power requirement is massive. So if you’re looking to join a good a Bitcoin mining pool, this list goes a long way.